Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rosie's Cove

Riverbend, New Orleans, LA, USA

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Rosie's Cove has hosted guests from diverse places around the world including 42 Countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czec Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands~Bonaire, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania~Zanzibar, United Arab Emirates, United States Of America, Wales plus 41 USA States (& DC!) including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut,  Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee,  Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington~District Of Columbia, Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming...and right here, close to home, from all over Louisiana!! 

Lovely for seasoned travelers or newbies, individuals or groups, families, students, even locals looking for a fun, homey, relaxing authentic experience in the Big Easy. 

2 References requested. References provided upon request.


Rosie's Cove Guest Comments

I totally enjoyed my stay here. It was really a home hostal, emphasis on home. It is very warm and comfortable. You are a great hostess.

You have no idea how much you helped us out! We had a ton of fun and can't wait to see you again! Your place was amazing and you are a fantastic host!

Thanks for the hospitality and a great night of sleep. Looking forward to another stay. Thanks for the canteloupe, it saved my life!

Thank you so, much for letting us stay with you! Your apartment is fantastic-I seriously, couldn't love it any more!!! We had a great time :*)

We loved your place, it has easily been the find of the decade, it really made our trip. When we decide to make our next trip down we will be looking to stay with you again.

Thanks for the hospitality. Your place is cool and I had a great time in New Orleans.

Thanks for hosting us. I appreciate the mix of professionalism and laid back mentality.

Thank you so, much for opening your home to us and helping to add to our wonderful experience.

Thanks for letting us stay in your lovely apartment!

Thanks so, much for having us! We had a great time!

Thank you for being our host, guide on our proposed entre into New Orleanian life. We thoroughly, enjoyed staying at Rosie's Cove. We hope to be seeing you again shortly.

You were a fab host and roommate. Thank you so, much for having faith in a stranger from afar and it was an honor being one of your first 'wayward' travelers!! Bon Courage, Gros Bisous, Much Love & Namaste.

What a lovely, colorful, vibrant, welcoming home. Thanks, so much for sharing it with us. You are such a bright, shining spirit and I look forward to enjoying your New Orleans again, in the future.

The rest of a queen here with the soft, Spring wind, sitting on the balcony, listening to birds, reading, writing--and you answering questions of where to buy, how to go & so on. Very much of a thank you!!!

Thank you for opening your home and heart. You are a wonderful woman, lovely host...and FUN! Thank you for making such a wonderful space and for giving me a very, precious memory for life.

You have a very, special spot here, nestled in one of the best little areas of New Orleans! Thanks for making me feel like an old friend just stopping by for a visit! Your place is warm & welcome and even more so, is your heart. Although, I no longer live here, I'm still proud to call New Orleans home.

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Excellent, friendly, courteous, peaceful disposition of Proprietress!

A clean, quiet, respectful environment to live and sleep for duration of accommodations

Timely, processing and remediation of maintenance requests as appropriate and under the discretion of Proprietress

Free wifi. PLEASE, NOTE: All computers have varying capabilities, software, and receive different signal strength according to individual computer technology. Rosie's Cove is NOT responsible for fluctuating signal strength according to computer technology, fluctuating weather conditions, and so forth. Rosie's Cove commits to refunding 1% of total fee should internet service not function on account of Rosie's Cove service provisions and guests have submitted a written request. There are also, many, neighborhood cafes with wireless internet service that is available with purchase of cafe items.

Access to 2 hour street parking in front & on the side of the apartment, as well as unmetered parking throughout the neighborhood. PLEASE NOTE: Guests with cars shall choose street parking according to their own best needs and neither Rosie's Cove, nor Proprietress, shall be responsible for guest parking tickets or other fees.


Maintaining respectful, kind & courteous communications with other guests & Proprietress

Cleaning up after onesself

Returning housekey upon checkout
(or charged $50 service fee or cost of lock replacement)

Providing expected arrival & departure time via email, upon reservation

Sending requests for overnight guests 24 hours in advance via email, which will then be processed and charged with $50/Person/Nite (standard rate) fee upon Proprietress' discretion. All overnight guests will be charged a fee, given a key, and checked in with standard operating procedure. Failure to comply with this responsibility will result in termination of all involved parties stay, without refund

Putting all requests for maintenance, other comments, and complaints in writing. NO request will be processed unless sent via email to

Guests are always, expected to leave the apartment in the same neat, clean condition they find it. For a 'Guest-Share'~you are a guest while Proprietress is in town~daily, 'spot-cleaning' (wiping down of counters, taking out trash, etc.), weekly, 'orderly-cleaning' (washing of dish towels, hand towels, housemats & rugs, bathtub & toilet, floors, etc.), and monthly, 'deep-cleaning' (thorough scrub down of floors, baseboards, fans, etc.) will be completed by Proprietress. All Guest-Shares will be charged a standard $15 departure cleaning fee. When Proprietress is not in town and guests have booked 'Private' accommodations, guests will be charged a $50 full-apartment departure cleaning fee. Occasionally, where new guests may be arriving immediately, upon recent guest departures, departing guests may be asked to make up fresh beds with clean linens before leaving. On certain occasions, final cleaning fee may be discounted or waived where guests agree to complete partial or deep cleaning. On any and all occasions...Guests are expected to keep their personal space, as well as communal space clean and clutter-free!

Failure To Comply With Guest Responsibilities and Terms & Conditions Outlined on Rosie's Cove Receipts Shall Result In Termination of Accommodations Without Refund

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